Engineered Hybrid Flooring Nordic Wood


*Please note an additional 5 – 10% will need to be added to your total required area for wastage and spares.

If you are looking for the very best in the next generation of Hybrid Flooring, our team is here to offer you the very best options and newest developments in today’s market. 

We stock a range of skilfully engineered Nordic Wood inspired planks. Using versatile technologies, our collection has been created to be incredibly durable and hard-wearing for families and businesses alike. It is built to last, with features to suit all residential and office spaces.

These vinyl boards have been expertly designed to be broader and longer; doing so means that a room can appear more spacious. We’re sure you will appreciate the natural Nordic Hardwood appearance of these, giving your room a unique, updated feel that is sure to inspire others.

Our Hybrid Floors are designed to give your interiors a sophisticated, modern and authentic look, with the endurance to last many years.

Next Generation Nordic Hardwood Inspired Planks

With the significant advancements in technology, our hybrid flooring is changing the way products are made for the home and office. The materials used enable it to withstand extreme weather conditions, which is great for the ever-changing Australian climate.

There are two main benefits of using these planks: firstly, they reduce the likelihood of deterioration from the harsh Australian sun. Secondly, due to its tolerance to the sun, you’ll find there are minimal expansion or contraction issues.  This is the prime example of how innovation and design can change how we style our interiors and have a positive impact on the way we live.

Cheaper, Smarter and Great for the Environment

This smart option is a cost-effective way to fill each part of your home with comfort underfoot.

Not only are you installing a visually stunning product, but it’s also environmentally-friendly and recyclable. It’s essential to meet all environmental standards, including reducing deforestation; so this is a win for now and into the future. Additionally, you can be confident that these are easy to install, so you do not have to be an expert to lay them.