Hybrid Glue Down Coastal Flooring


Our hybrid glue down eXtra Range is designed and created to suit those who want amazing, natural colours that are durable. These options will enhance your home’s appearance with an affordable, practical and elegant outlook.

Great for use in any part of the house, this design differentiates from the traditional vinyl planks due to the materials it’s made up of – with limestone and PVC. The structure of this combination is similar to that of our Engineered Hybrid Flooring. Its distinctively superior quality makes it a resilient choice due to its strength compared to vinyl planks, while still looking like natural coastal hardwood for any space.

Coastal Hardwood: Contemporary, Durable & Economical

This option is an ideal solution for your house or business, especially given its durability, affordable pricing and beautiful authentic timber appearance.  The coastal hardwood inspired boards have many advantages over other types due to the balance of thickness, colour, wear, size, resilience and warranty.

Thanks to its coastal look, the light colour of this range isn’t just great for homes and businesses near the beach, but it’s also a fantastic option for adding more light into any modern home.  The colour suits either a delicate or robust style, which means it works well with your spaces moving forward.

As with all our hardwood inspired products, this Hybrid Glue Down flooring is designed to be more expansive than the traditional standard size, specifically helping to make a room appear larger and add flow with modern appeal.

Maintenance Made Easy

Our Hybrid Glue Down Flooring is easy to maintain, and the boards can be easily replaced should there be any damage or issues. To keep them looking their best, regularly clean with a soft bristle vacuum, broom or mop that removes dirt with ease.

These products are recyclable and meet all environmental standards, reducing deforestation. This is vital to us as a business and to many consumers. It’s essential that our items are beneficial to the world around us, and that we continue to help build futures for the next generation by only using sustainable and recycled materials.

*Please note an additional 5 – 10% will need to be added to your total required area for wastage and spares.