Hybrid Glue Down Flooring Drift Wood


The driftwood effect never goes out of style. When left to float through the ocean, this timber becomes naturally bleached – which creates soft tones and accentuates the knots and swirls. Of course, literal driftwood makes for poor flooring because it lacks strength and durability – but almost any wood can be chemically treated to bring out the same effect.

You can create this coastal appeal without the expense of treated timber through our range of hybrid glue down flooring. Our Excel Range is designed and created to suit those who need to enhance the appearance of their space with an affordable, effective, elegant floor.

Not just your average vinyl flooring

While vinyl is a popular and inexpensive solution, you can be limited creatively as many of the options available are basic in design. Our hybrid glue down driftwood flooring tiles differentiates from the traditional vinyl planks as they are made up of a limestone and PVC structure.

The result – planks that are simple to install are durable and long-lasting, combined with the timeless appeal of weathered timber.

Strength and versatility

Solid timber is a visually impressive medium, but it requires a lot of care and maintenance to keep in good condition, especially when there is lots of foot traffic.

Our engineered hardwood flooring provides the same aesthetic without the need for regular sanding and varnishing. Best of all, these hybrid glue down tiles will resist scuffs, scratches, chips, stains and all of the other imperfections that can rapidly degrade timber and laminate surfaces.

That makes our hybrid glue down tiles a great solution for both the residential and commercial market as they are durable, economical and retain an authentically beautiful timber appearance.

Simple to install, built to last

Another expense that usually comes with installation is hiring a professional to get the job done. Our tiles are a simple adhesive that you can cut to shape to suit any surface, in any room of the house. You will be able to get the job done yourself to professional standards with no imperfections and a natural look that will last longer than most other surfaces.

Our flooring is thicker than average boards, more dimensionally stable than vinyl planks and designed wider than the traditional standard size to make any area appear larger whilst retaining a modern presence.

These products are recyclable and meet all environmental standards, including reducing the need for deforestation, which is beneficial to our environment.

*Please note an additional 5 – 10% will need to be added to your total required area for wastage and spares.