Loose Lay Flooring Natural Grey


Our team have redefined the way Australians approach their flooring, with revolutionary products that emulate the look of natural timber without the heavy expenses and ongoing maintenance. Our range is designed to impress and is engineered to last.

Our loose lay luxury vinyl range is an alternative to other Discount flooring options that are available in the market today. We have many natural grey colour tones available within our range of flooring such as our natural grey. This encompasses earthly colour tones that replicate the appeal of natural grey and brown timber, with protective qualities that will make your home or business surfaces look newer for longer.

There is only one way to achieve natural grey tones in your timber boards, which is to let them age. For those looking to purchase authentic natural grey wood, there is a premium price tag attached – as this is not the kind of wood that is readily available in large quantities.

Our loose lay flooring solutions provide all the visual appeals of natural grey timber without the expense.

How does grey flooring work?

Each of these panels has four unique layers to create an affordable and durable alternative to timber. These layers include:

  • Wear layer: This is the thick UV inhibited clear PVC wear layer that acts as a shield and protects your surfaces from wear and tear, keeping that timber aesthetic looking brand new for a much longer period.
  • Pattern: This decorative segment has colours, patterns and designs to achieve that natural grey appearance.
  • Core: The heart of your floor panels has been engineered to be strong and durable, while still providing an element of comfort and warmth when you are walking on it.
  • Balancing layer: The balancing layer operates as a base that also prevents moisture from getting in and causing damage to your home or business.

Superior protection against wear and tear

Authentic timber looks fantastic, but it also degrades quickly. The elements can rapidly damage the wood, with the sun stripping it off its lustre while moisture weakens the wood and invites mould.

Even your average foot traffic can wreck timber floors, causing scratches, chips and wearing away the protective varnish layer. Maintaining your surfaces with regular sanding, polishing and varnishing are time-consuming and expensive. You don’t need to worry about that extra care with our loose lay vinyl flooring solutions.

Our hard-wearing loose lay flooring is waterproof, easy to clean, pet friendly and resistant to scratches, scuffs and stains. Our materials have also been engineered to be fire retardant and feature antibacterial surface properties to make your home or business safer.

These products are recyclable and meet all environmental standards, including reducing the need for deforestation, which is beneficial to our environment.