Loose Lay Flooring Tasmanian Oak


The Apple Isle is known for its gorgeous forests, clean and fresh water, green horizons and blue skies. The island state is also well known for the high quality of its timber, with Tasmanian timber oak rated as a premium product around the world.

A large part of its appeal is the oak’s durability and versatility which makes it perfect for construction. It’s in aesthetics, though, that this timber really shines. It ranges from light and dusty straw tones through to richer amber colours, and features pink and cream highlights.

Unfortunately, premium products come with premium price tags, and Tasmanian oak is out of the budget for many homes and businesses when it comes to their flooring needs. That is where PP Floors can assist with our range of loose lay flooring that perfectly replicates the visual appeal of Tasmanian oak without the fuss or expense.

Capture the essence of Tasmanian oak flooring in any environment

Our loose lay flooring is an incredibly unique product with stunning natural timber colours and designs. It was revolutionary when it first appeared in the residential and commercial market and has transformed our flooring industry in Australia.

Our loose lay flooring has the toughness to withstand high traffic and is 100% waterproof, allowing it to be used in all areas together with a natural and authentic timber look. We have specifically designed our boards wider to make any area appear more spacious, and have carefully chosen colours and designs that are contemporary.

This enables you to redecorate your area in a contemporary style, with the durability to last a lifetime.

Simple to install and maintain

Another expense that comes with real wood is the ongoing maintenance required to keep it looking at its best. Timber is susceptible to damage from the weather, chips and scratches from foot traffic and furniture and all sort of other imperfections. Our range of loose lay luxury vinyl boards is far more durable, resistant to scratches and scuffs and simple to clean.

The greatest advantage to this system is the ability to replace a damaged board without having to remove a large section of the floor.

These products are recyclable and meet all environmental standards, including reducing the need for deforestation which is beneficial to our environment.

*Please note an additional 5 – 10% will need to be added to your total required area for wastage and spares.