Loose Lay Flooring Vintage Brown


Our Loose Lay Flooring is an incredibly unique product with stunning natural timber colours and designs. It was revolutionary when it first appeared in the residential and commercial market and has transformed our flooring industry in Australia. Our Loose Lay Flooring has the toughness to withstand high traffic and is 100% waterproof allowing it to be used in all areas together with a natural and authentic timber look. We have specifically designed our boards wider to make any area appear more spacious and have carefully chosen colours and designs that are contemporary.

Our Loose Lay Flooring enables you to redecorate your area in a contemporary style, with the durability to last a lifetime.


The greatest advantage to this system is the ability to replace a damaged board without having to remove a large section of the floor.

These products are recyclable and meet all environmental standards, including reducing the need for deforestation which is beneficial to our environment.

*Please note an additional 5 – 10% will need to be added to your total required area for wastage and spares.